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City of world citizens, artists and free spirits



City for citizens of the world, city of artists and of free spirits

Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands. Long ago, during the Golden Age, Amsterdam was a city by the sea, with wealthy merchants, large warehouses, sailors making merry, and clandestine meetings. Nowadays, Amsterdam is a city for everyone. With just under 800,000 inhabitants and 180 different nationalities Amsterdam is more multicultural than any other city in the world. A city of banks and multinationals, but also of museums, artists and the world-famous ring of canals.

Come to the IFRRO convention in November 2016, when we turn Amsterdam, for a short while, into the capital of the reprographic reproduction rights.



Amsterdam has an excellent public transport network. That makes it easy for you to move between Schiphol, the venue and the historical city. Do not make use of a taxi that is offered to you unrequested or that does not have a meter. Beware of scammers. Especially at the airport there are many taxi drivers of unauthorized taxi companies, trying to recruit passengers.

Tourist information

We have provided several tips on this website for spending your free time in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is buzzing with a vast amount of museums, sights, shops, restaurants and clubs. More tips will be added during the coming months. 

On Iamsterdam you will find many more suggestions and an up to date events and activities calendar. This is an official website of the city of Amsterdam. Many excursions can also be booked safely online through this website.

IAmsterdam City Card

You can also buy the I Amsterdam City Card on Iamsterdam. Enjoy free, unlimited public transport, free entry to Amsterdam’s best museums and attractions, and lots of great discounts and offers with the Iamsterdam City Card.

Tourist website run by locals

Not an official website, but the website Awesome Amsterdam is a fun tourist guide, full of ideas and tips from the citizens of Amsterdam themselves.

Your little black book

At the popular weblog Your Little Black Book you find handpicked shortlists of both the hottest restaurants and shops and the old time favorites in town. A printed edition is also available, and an app for your mobile is expected.



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